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The purpose of this message is to let parents and students know that due to the demands and responsibilities of their teaching positions, teachers may or may not use School Loop. Those teachers using School Loop will update grades and/or post assignments at their discretion. Please contact teachers if you have questions about current grades.  

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Today: 8/23/14

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All students entering 7 th grade will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster shot (Tdap) before starting school.

Saturday School Policy

Reminder:  Saturday School Policy

This policy covers both Truancy/Tardy and Behavior Saturday Schools:

1.A student is assigned Saturday School – he/she will either:

  • Student shows and completes their Saturday School obligation,


  • Student NO SHOW

a.If student is a NO SHOW = DOUBLE CONSEQUENCES (2 MORE SATURDAY SCHOOLS) will be assigned.

2.If the student is assigned DOUBLE CONSEQUENCES (2 more Saturday Schools) for NO SHOW – he/she will either:

  • Student shows and completes both Saturday School obligations,


  • Student NO SHOW

a.If student is a NO SHOW for either of the DOUBLE CONSEQUENCES Saturday School = STUDENT WILL BE SUSPENDED.

2013 - 2014 Yearbook

Pre-order your 2013-2014 Yearbook now.  Prices for the Yearbook is $50.00.  New this year will be a section for 8th grade dedications.  Click on the attachments below for more information and the order forms.



2013/2014 Yearbook Order Form


Solorsano After-School Program

Need info on the after-school program?  Click on the following link:


Solorsano After-School Program

Common Core Standards

Learn more about Common Core Standards and how the new standards will affect your student by clicking on the following links:


Silicon Valley Common Core Initiative

Silicon Valley Common Core Initiative (SP)


Science Lab Fee Donation
Lab fee Donation

  Please consider supporting our Science program at ASMS.  We aim to provide an experience rich Science program where students can learn science concepts through lab experiences.   This is completely funded ... Continue
Posted by: Amrita Yager
Published: 8/19/14

Parent Registration

Welcome to School Loop

School Loop is a web site designed to help you keep track of your child’s classes and assignments, communicate with your child’s teachers, and participate in your school community.

Parent Registration Directions


Parent Registration Directions (Spanish)

School Loop Notice for Pertussis Requirement

Students entering 7thgrade  will need proof of a pertussis booster shot ( whooping cough, called Tdap) on or after their 7th birthday BEFORE starting school. Please check your child's immunization records and if he/she has had one, bring proof to your school immediately. If he/she has not received one, make an appointment today and bring proof to the school as soon as your child receives it. Your child will not be allowed to start school in August without proof of a Tdap given after the 7th birthday. 

Fuccella's Corner

For the latest info from Mr. Fuccella, click on the following link: